Skatepark Music of the Late 70’s

Late 70's Bands
Just before punk saved the music world, you might have been carving your local snake run to some of the bands that we are featuring on this week’s YouTube Tuesday. So put on your Cooper/Norcon helmet, your leather gloves, nylon shorts, cloth knee pads and get radical. Here are some of the sounds from 1977-79:

So what were you listening to in 1977-79? — Earth Patrol Out

2 Responses to “Skatepark Music of the Late 70’s”

  • Carole (my older sister) and I wore out “Surrender” on the Heaven Tonight album. There is a great film called Over the Edge (Matt Dillon’s first) that has skateboarding, suburban decay and a killer scene of a chick dancing with a pistol to Surrender on a ghetto box. “Freeforall” by Nugent was the first song banned in our home (later the DK’s) due to “…whip it out/suck it….” “Get the Knack” we had on 8-track and I thought they were saying “…good girls go – to high school”, not “good girls don’t – but I do”! How gay is that? 1979 also saw our last purchase of an 8-track, it was London Calling and we still have it.

  • Still listening to Cheap Trick, and Get the Knack is still an excellent power pop album. The Dickies cover “Let Me Out” on an EP called “Hare from the dog that bit us.” and the Dickies are Gods.

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