Mountain Getaway

Foto-Friday for March 13, 2008 - Windells

If you find yourself heading up to Mt. Hood, don’t forget about the friendly skate confines of Windells. Check out a few photos from a late January session at B.o.B. ( Building out Back) that includes Shawn, Adam, Griffin and more. EPM, Foto-Friday out!

Foto-Friday @ Windells

4 Responses to “Mountain Getaway”

  • Weird move on that top shot. Was he dropping in or was that a footplant?

  • It’s like a backside tail, nose-grab, foot-plant. Not sure if it was planned or not but he landed it.

  • Nice shots Rich! The lighting in that place is always challanging, good job. I like that air you got of Adam and Brogan doing the door is cool.

    They are currently at it again at Windells, re-arrainging BOB for the spring break camp. They sure like tweaking that place, I won’t complain.

  • My bad, that was Sean doing the door.

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