Chicago Blowout 1986 – NSA Pro/Am

Yuri's 80's Re-vert Fantasy Skate - Chicago Blowout 1986 NSA

We’re off to the windy city, Chicago, Illinois for this week’s edition of Yuri’s 80’s Re-Vert Fantasy Skate. The year was 1986 and many a midwest skater made the pilgrimage to the Chicago Blowout to see their skate heroes compete. Spinning tricks ruled the day and Tony Hawk’s back-to-back-to-back-to-back McTwists were a contest first. Check out all the action after turn and don’t forget, Yuri wants to know your top 5 skaters along with your pick for best trick. EPM “gymnast plant” Out!

Part 1: Am Finals

Part 2: Pro Eliminations

Part 3: Pro Eliminations

Part 4: Pro Jam

Part 5: Pro Jam

Part 6: Pro Jam

Part 7: Pro Jam

Am Results

  1. Jeff “Ffej” Hedges
  2. Bob Reeves
  3. Blaze Blouin
  4. Ray Underhill

Pro Results

  1. Tony Hawk
  2. Steve Caballero
  3. Christian Hosoi
  4. Lance Mountain
  5. Mike McGill
  6. Monty Nolder
  7. Mark Rogowski
  8. Ken Park
  9. Micke Alba
  10. Kevin Staab

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate

Now that you’ve seen it, how would you rank your top 5 along with your pick for best trick? Yuri wants to know.

10 Responses to “Chicago Blowout 1986 – NSA Pro/Am”

  • Wow! have’nt seen this one in years.I Learned inverts from watching this vid.

  • i’m loving these posts Yuri, these are all from around when i started skating.

    Cab’s runs were rad

  • 1-Hosoi

    fave trick , Roskopp’s fakie thruster or Monty;s backside Boneless over the Channel …

  • How did Staab get in the top 10? Nolder killed it.

  • Great vid set! Love it! Did this take place before the Vision Rock n Roll jam? Overall the skating here is considerably better. I have to agree with the judges on the final standings… maybe put Phillips in first just for showing up and being cool. Park had a sad plant that was tuck knee. I’m going to go with that for fav trick. Hawks quad-twist was sick. Since this is a fantasy I’m gonna call that set as one trick.

  • How about that above the coping miller flip by Cab? I got the sense that he pulled it out just for yucks. Who the hell can do that?

  • I was at this contest. So was GVK, but we didn’t know each other. Two or three years earlier I was the same venue for a Star Trek convention. I think George Takei was there. For some reason the Chicago Blowout wasn’t in the Vision video reissues.

  • 1. McGill

  • Hey Rich, this footy brings me back to the fish decks and Converse. Great post, it gets me all fired up to skate.

  • was that the John Aguilar with the sweet sweeper?

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