Beyond Twilight!

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 32 - Josh Gray

Tucked away, along the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula, is the town of Forks. A community not only friendly to vampires, werewolves and sasquatch but to skaters as well. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Josh Gray, holds it down for the locals with this huge air out of the bowl. Sick! Sporting pool coping and some unique tile work, this well designed Grindline bowl is worth the trip. Check out a few more pics of Josh tearing it up after the turn.

Congratulations Josh!

Monday Cover Gallery: Josh Gray @ Forks

4 Responses to “Beyond Twilight!”

  • I knew it i was there for Tuesday’s cover. Josh is a good skater fun to ride with and a nice guy.

  • oh my god these pics are so sick!! thank you guys soo much for the monday cover thats amazing! it was super rad to get to skate with you guys again i had soo much fun those pics turned out great!i cant wait to see you guys again im lookin forward to it, thank you again im soo stoked you guys are super rad. hopefully see you at sleestok, have fun!

  • Hey Rich,

    Do you know of some good camping up in either Forks or PA?

    • Jason,

      In PA, we camped at Heart of the Hills and in Forks we camped at beach campgrounds that included Rialto Beach and La Push. Hope that helps.

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