Serenity Trowel

MC - Trowel Shallow @ MC’s Bowl

Looking to find your inner peace? Just do like MC does with his serenity trowel. Click on the image for a better look at pure contentment. Be sure to check out Randy’s sweet time-lapse of the pour and stay tuned for more photos of the day’s events.

8 Responses to “Serenity Trowel”

  • Way cool! Nice shot of the “Big Chi’s” himself! Will you be able to take a test run today or is it better for the crete if you wait a few days?

  • So far I have resisted the temptation. I’ve been misting it and I did walk around there a little tossing out dead spiders and little rocks. Maybe tomorrow.

  • Man, I think I would have trouble resisting if it was ok to skate. Amazing will power. Thought it was a very fitting end to the pour to have Mark take the glory pass (new expression for me…). What a cool day. Kind of surreal.

  • Very surreal for me. I had about four or five “holy shit!” moments when the impact of what was happening would hit me. I don’t know if it was just seeing in person for the first time, or what, but it was really amazing to watch those guys work together and crank that thing out.

  • I feel like it’s changed face of our scene. Iw as looking in my backyard thinking about trying to cram a miniramp in there… but it just seemed so lame. I started thinking about concrete instead. It would have to be above ground though, underneath two gigantic pine trees and I don’t want to mess with the roots, those things would take out my whole house if one of them fell on it.

  • ‘Taint nuttin’ wrong with wood Kilwag… (let’s ignore the irony of the “Concretins” building a new wood ramp)…

  • Crazy, If Grover gets MC’s old ramp, Randy-bo-bandy builds something, I pull the trigger on a mini, and MC with the real deal. BBQ’s sessions would be never ending! Wow, and wood prices are cheap these days!

  • creamy and dreamy ,hope to ride this !! ,you lucky guy

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