Man Down Session

Wethersfield Skate Session

Here it is folks, a little East Coast coverage for your Foto-Friday. Yeah, we know it’s Sunday but we wanted to get the pics up for the locals in Wethersfield, Connecticut. We captured a few pictures from a memorial for a local skatepark advocate and bike rider, Alex Lubarsky, who recently passed away at the age of 20. It was a great day of skatingĀ  on some Right-Coast concrete. R.I.P. Alex and keep the stoke Wethersfield. More pictures after the turn….

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Alex Lubarsky FlierWethersfield, CT PoolNicholas - BS kickturn @ WethersfieldThree Amigos @ WethersfieldDave - FS Ollie on Hip @ WethersfieldJoe - Rock-n-Roll @ WethersfieldNick - Lien to Tail @ WethesfieldRicky - Ollie 180 @ WethersfieldSkater1 - Fakie to Tail @ WethersfieldSkater2 - Rail Slide @ WethersfieldSkater3 - Benihana @ WethersfieldRay and Nicholas @ WethersfieldSkater4 - Tuck Knee @ WethersfieldSkater5 - Benihana @ WethersfieldDave - Blunt to Tail @ WethersfieldJoe - Ollie to 50-50 @ WethersfieldRicky - Kick Flip @ WethersfieldWethersfield MC and Judges

7 Responses to “Man Down Session”

  • Whoa, there are skateboarders in Connecticut?

  • Yeah, Connecticut rips! The pic of the three little guys standing in the shallow of the pool sessioning deep end was just for you MC. There is hope.

  • This was a great event. we are planning to have another one like this in my brothers name!! this time around we Raised 898.00$ that i put in the alex Lubarsky Memorial Fund.

    if anyone that reads this woudl like to donate please contact me Via MySpace. importally

  • These pictures came out great, thanks Rich, hopefully I’ll see you again in this lifetime.

  • I like that skate park. I could actually skate it and feel comfortable. Except when that girl from Florida was there and was super good for only skating for 6 months. Now I really want to be able to carve and kick turn without thinking about falling and breaking my jaw like Grover.

  • yo that kid in the bowl doing fakie rock is the best skater ever i should skate with him hes mad fly

  • Hey what’s up? I’m Brad and I’m a skater from Springfield Missouri and I just wanted to say nice photos. =]

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