The 4-1-1 on the 1-1-8

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 10

Well, it seems the Sorcery 118 crew has been busy filming their entry for this year’s All City Showdown Team Edition to be held in Seattle on December 21st. Based on their past filmography and this week’s Sorcery Saturday pick that includes some Brooklyn Street Skate Spot action, it’s sure to be entertaining. Check it out after the turn. EPM “soggy sessions” Out!

Sorcery Saturday: Volume 10 – Samcam Portland

Sorcery Saturday: Sorcery All City Showdown Trailer

These videos brought to you by the Sorcery 118 crew. Be sure to check out their other skate video creations over on their punk rock skate vlog.

All City Showdown #5 -Team Edition - Seattle

All City Showdown #5 Flier (click on flier for larger view)

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