Cooper De Ville

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 21 - Lynn Cooper

Floating majestically above the Denver skyline mid Cooper Flip is this week’s Monday Cover, Lynn Cooper. Moon Crater Park local and all terrain skate trooper, Lynn has a deep bag of freestyle tricks. Often catching the eye of the younger generation, he’s down to share his skate wizardry with everyone. Check out a few more pics of Lynn getting his flatland on after the turn.

Congratulations Lynn!

Monday Cover Gallery: Lynn Cooper @ Denver

2 Responses to “Cooper De Ville”

  • Denver Skatepark gets the award for the most innovated skateboarders, thanx in part to Lynn’s Coopers freestyle skills. Rodney Mullen, eat your heart out, these guy’s are taking it to the tranny!

  • Freestyle coverage, holy cow. Are you freelancing for Concrete Wave?

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