Auditory Mission: Oslo, London and Chicago

Pirate Love, Big Audio Dynamite, Urge Overkill - Earth Patrol Media's YouTube Tuesday

This week’s YouTube Tuesday features a quick trip around the Northern hemisphere. Our journey begins in Oslo, Norway with the band Pirate Love. Their song Lauging Gas has a certain Buzzcocks meets Bauhaus coolness. After Oslo, we’re off to London to check out Big Audio Dynamite and some V. Thirteen. We wrap up this little adventure with a hop over the ocean to Chicago and a visit with Urge Overkill. Climb aboard and check out all the sounds after the turn. EPM “Sodom and Gamorra, let the DJ play” Out!

Pirate Love – Laughing Gas

Pirate Love – A Kiss Hello

Big Audio Dynamite – C’mon Every Beatbox

Big Audio Dynamite – V. Thirteen

Urge Overkill – Positive Bleeding

Urge Overkill – Sister Havana

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