One Hundred Punks Rule

Randy Katen - Skater and Host of Generation X

Always down to check out any wall, is Sacramento transplant, now Missoula local, Randy Katen. So you want to learn snap-back frontside grinds? Well, Randy has them down. All the photo references after the turn and while your at it, check out his Sunday night punk rock radio show, Generation X, on KBGA, University of Montana Radio. EPM “Running with the Boss Sound” Out!

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Randy Katen - FS Grind @ Butte

Randy snapping one back on a concrete wave in Butte.

Randy Katen - BS Double Trucker @ Bass Bowl

Randy powering through a double trucker.

Randy Katen and Wally Inouye - Doubles @ Butte

Randy and Wally going for doubles in Butte.

Randy Katen - FS Grind @ Bass Bowl

Pulling a Popeye mid-grind.

Randy and Bryce - Old Friends

Old friends connecting again, Randy and Bryce Kanights.

Randy Katen - Bailing with Style @ Butte

Now that’s one styling bail.

Randy Katen - FS Grind @ Butte

Showing the coping no mercy once again.

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