New Attitude

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 9 - Steve Grover

Patience and persistence are paying off. This week’s Monday Cover, Steve Grover of GVK fame, is starting to find his bowl legs, so to speak. Instead of the usually hemming and hawing about not wanting to skate MC’s bowl in favor of more swing-set like terrain, Grover is carving out some new attitudes. Check out a few more pics of the new and improved Grover after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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Stever Grover - Setting on a Smith @ MC's Bowl

Setting on a smith grind

Stever Grover - FS Disaster @ MC's Bowl

Frontside disaster

Stever Grover - FS Smith in the Shallow @ MC's Bowl

Another angle of Steve’s smith in the shallow

Steve Grover - FS Smith @ MC's Bowl

Full frame of cover shot

13 Responses to “New Attitude”

  • Congrats to GVK. Now pay yourself your photo incentive.

  • In the “setting on a smith grind” shot: His board is warping from his power. Gnarly!

  • Rich you need to invest in a weight loss camera if one exist. I love pool/bowl riding now.

  • Is he just going back and forth across the shallow end?

  • Big 5 has high top air walks for 24.95.. just throwing that out there..

  • … but they have duct tape for $2.49.

  • I can tell a skater buy his shoes. I see so many kids out there who from a far look like skaters then they get next to me and I say nice shoes poser. Just like Cab says in the video. ” are skating now, no when we are skating i will wear my skate shoes”

  • sick shots, Grover. not bad for a kite surfer.

  • I wear the same shoes no matter what Im doin. I dont have the luxury of having a shoe collection haha
    Oh wait I got steel Toe Boots
    Its all bout Vox and Redwing Boots dude!
    When im not working, Im skateing!

    Let the posers be posers, and just skate!!!

  • WINNER: colinwalshrules!

  • I do rule the doo doo. You guys should get some pictures ready for the BCSA art show, they need everything they can get. Corvallis needs to see some decent art. Oh, and im going steel head fishing right….now! fish on.

  • Hold up… You mean to tell me it took MCs backyard bowl to get Grover to “come around” to bowl skating? With all of that sick terrain you have up there, and have had for years? Whatever Steve… Congrats and all, but whatev… 🙂

  • Every time I get to skate with Grover his Vans don’t suprise me.Smith grinds are good like duct tape.

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