Garage Days Revisited

Micro-mini quarter in MC's garage

We’ve exchanged last week’s bitter cold weather for some temperate rain. So while we wait for a break in the clouds, there’s a new micro-mini for shredding in town. Pictures and movie after the turn.

Hank Hill Approved Propane Products

Fire and rain. Gosh darn it Bobby.

Wet and dry in the shallow

Rain wins the bowl but not the day.

MC exploring the possibility of tile

Ramp in utero.

MC smoothing the lip with his truck planer

Smoothing the lip.

Rock-n-roll al night and party everyday

Rock-n-roll …

Do it again

… away and do it again.

Now check out the epic tale of a boy and his ramp over on MC’s AGP video shorts: Rainy Day Project

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