You’re in a Rut

The Ruts on Earth Patrol's YouTube Tuesday

As the new year quickly approaches, It’s time again for a little personal introspection. Who better to help you out of an old rut and into some new ones than a band by that very name, The Ruts. If you are a fan of punk and you haven’t heard of the Ruts? Well, you’re welcome. Check out all the Rut-a-riffic tunes after the turn. EPM “S.U.S.” Out!

The Ruts – Something That I Said

The Ruts – Babylons Burning

The Ruts – Staring at the Rude Boys

The Ruts – In a Rut

The Ruts – It Was Cold

The Ruts – Babylons Burning TotP

The Ruts – S.U.S.

The Ruts – Dope for Guns

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