Sweet Surrender

Shawn's Colorado Tour - Day 2 - Colorado Springs

Sweet, sweet surrender indeed. Team Pain’s creation in Colorado Springs is a thing of beauty and well worth your skate consideration when in the area. It’s time for day two of Shawn Reinert’s Colorado skate adventure with special skate guest Stefan Faure. Check out all the images from day one over on Shawn’s Earth Patrol Network gallery. EPM “Like a bird in the air” Out!

Gallery: Colorado – Day 2

3 Responses to “Sweet Surrender”

  • What the hell was Fature doing There nice photos.

  • “Clearing the butthole!”

    Butt seriously… holy crap. If Steel Bridge ever gets built, and comes out anything like Colorado Springs, I would not complain. Amazing looking park. Does it ride as good as it looks?

  • It is one of the best park i have skated. Team Pain has done a good job on the parks in CO.

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