Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

Kokomo Pipe Pocket

Here’s a little photo montage of the Grindline gem in Kokomo, Indiana. This park is a blast and the lines are endless. If you find yourself in Indiana with your skate, be sure to hit this park. Click on the pics for a larger view. More pics after the turn….

Kokomo Pipe Left Side

Looking into the left side of the pipe.

Kokomo Pipe Right Side

Looking into the right side of the pipe.

Kokomo Pipe Out Left Side

Looking out of the left side of the pipe.

Kokomo Pipe Top Opening

Looking into the elbow of the pipe through the top opening.

Kokomo Hips

Multitude of hips looking through the deep end channel.

Kokomo Pipe and Bowl

Bowl and pipe section of the park. Photo D. Bordonaro

5 Responses to “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.”

  • Interesting angle. Looks like a photoshop fake!

  • nope. he’s just got a super wide angle lens. it’s pretty much a 90 degree angle. parks super fun. i helped out with some of the finish work. have a safe trip rich!

  • Now I know why “the Ramones are hanging out at Kokomo”!

  • I didn’t really like Kokomo… it was so open, people would drop in on you from any/everywhere. The pipe is novel, but small. I would have liked at least SOME mellow walls, but they all go to vert, even the 4′ sections…

    But to be fair, it was 38 degrees, and I have minimal gnar.

  • That place looks so sick!!! If i had the money ( and the time ) i would go kill that palce!!! Super sick pipe!!!

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