Knock Down, Drag Out

Knock Down Drag Out - Oregon Bifecta 2009

Yesterday’s Tigard stop of the 2009 Oregon Bifecta was not for the faint of heart. The skaters were going for it and sometimes the results were no bueno. Check out some of the hits and misses after the turn.

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Juan - A little help from Dad @ Tigard

Juan getting a little help from his Dad after taking a hard shot to the ribs

Demarcus - Big Air over the Dino @ Tigard

Demarcus was slaying the T-Rex much to the chagrin of the skate dino gods. His reward, a leg fracture of some sort. Get well soon and hope to see you next year.

Mikey - Madonna @ Tigard

Here Mikey sticks the Madonna while nearly missing Josh, who is picking a line for one of his many insane corner tricks.

4 Responses to “Knock Down, Drag Out”

  • Pappa Pinero, the new worst soccer parent I’ve ever seen……….hilarious shot. Children Services are glaring across the US.

  • Demarcus “coach” was an annoying wad. Kept hassling him like a little league dad. What a prat. Shame cause the D seemed like a cool kid. Nice photos.

  • Broken fibula. Lateral to the tibia leg bone. Commonly remembered in A-n-P courses as the “little fib”

  • Rich……bad crash with Jake and Juan. Juan finishing gaytwist with Jake going into gaytwist…..I wanted Jake to pull his own arse up after that nasty one if possible. Tim Johnson had Jake laughing almost immediately after the carnage of being folded in half. His neck is still sore from the impact. Welcome to Tri Fecta……

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