Playing in a Careless Swaggering Manner

Jamie Jacobson - 2010 Oregon Trifecta

Well, Jamie Jacobson was boosting some massive airs at this year’s Tigard stop of the 2010 Oregon Trifecta. How fitting that he rides for Team Rollic with such frolicsome air. Ok, we’re done with the puns but not the rad pics of Jamie. Check ’em out after the turn. EPM “rollic defined” Out!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Jamie Jacobson - BS Air Nose/Tail Grab @ Tigard

Jamie doing the dino double grab

Jamie Jacobson - BS Air @ Tigard

Jamie boosting and traveling a huge backside air

Jamie Jacobson - Dino Invert @ Tigard

Dino snout invert on lock

Jamie Jacobson - BS Air @ Tigard

Jamie on stratospheric re-entry

Jamie Jacobson - Corner Invert @ Tigard

Invert in the corner

Jamie Jacobson - BS Air @ Tigard

Yowza! Channeling Chris Miller

Jamie Jacobson - BS Dino Air @ Tigard

Now over the T-Rex for good measure

Jamie Jacobson - FS Grind Bank Wall @ Tigard

High speed grind on the bank wall

Jamie Jacobson - BS Air @ Tigard

Hucking another big backside air for the shutter crew

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