Tommy Gun

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 30 - Tommy Antonetti

This week’s Monday Cover is a first. Why? Well, because the featured skater, Tommy Antonetti, is shredding the gnar with his shotcrete nozzle as opposed to a skateboard. Tommy and a contingent of some of the best bowl finishers on the planet converged upon MC’s bowl this Saturday to pour some ‘crete. Final assessment, they killed it. Check out more pics of Tommy in the grit after the turn.

Congratulations Tommy and to the crew for what will be another slice of dreamland.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Tommy - Shotcrete Nozzle @ MC’s Bowl

The image says it all

Tommy - Shotcrete Nozzle @ MC’s Bowl

Wrestling a concrete anaconda

Tommy - Shotcrete Nozzle @ MC’s Bowl

Full frame of cover photo

The Clash - Tommy Gun

Bonus Distraction: The Clash – Tommy Gun

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