Skate Rock at Plan B

Ghost Alien, Lefty, Stinkbug and RS2 Solid Sound at Plan B

We’re not sure about the term skate rock but a few of our friends that skate have formed bands and are playing at Plan B, this Thursday, July 29th. Troy-bug, beat master of Stinkbug, sent us this little note:

Hey guys,

I hope you can make our show this week at Plan B. We’re playing with Ray Stevens’ band, RS2 Solid Sound and Justin’s (from Shrunken Heads) band Ghost Alien. I know it’s a weeknight but it is our first show with a bass player. Maybe you can help us spread the word too. If we can get Grover to come and do the shark it should be way worth it.

Stinkbug out,

So if your looking for some local entertainment tomorrow night, you know where we will be, at Plan B doing our finest shark and zombie moves under the tutelage of shark/zombie master Grover. Check out more details about RS2 Solid Sound’s Northwest Tour, including movie premiers in Montana for Supercharged, the Life and Times of Tim Brauch, on the flyer after the turn.

Click on the flyer for a larger view.

RS2 Solid Sound Flyer - Northwest Tour Summer 2010

RS2 Solid Sound Northwest Tour

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