Serendipity and Sass Dragons

Prizzy Prizzy Please, Sass Dragons on Earth Patrol

During this weekend’s music stumble about the web in search of new bands, we happened across Prizzy Prizzy Please, and the Sass Dragons. So what’s so serendipitous about these bands? Well, both bands are from the Midwest, think Indiana and Chicago. They put out a split album together, appropriately titled Split. To top it all off, the Sass Dragons are playing at Plan B tonight, Tuesday April 27. You know where we will be. Check out a few low-fi vids and a few links to PPP and Sass D. after the turn. EPM “flea bomb” Out!

Prizzy Prizzy Please – Flea Bomb

Prizzy Prizzy Please – Shorgasm

Prizzy Prizzy Please – Air Raid

Click here to listen to Prizzy Prizzy Please

Sass Dragons – Put Your Hands on Me

Sass Dragons – The Pit

Sass Dragons – (basement party)

Click here to listen to the Sass Dragons

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