Rising Above

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 27 - Julie Kindstrand

The 2009 Pro-Tec Pool Party is in the bag and this week’s Monday Cover skater, Julie Kindstrand, took top honors in the ladies division. Julie shreds the gnar and she does it with style. Case in point, this smooth air off the hip during last year’s Lincoln City stop of the Oregon Trifecta. Check out a few more pics of Julie getting her shred on after the turn.

Congratulations Julie!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Julie - BS Carve Cradle @ Battle Ground

Upside down at Battle Ground

Julie - FS Grind @ Lincoln City

Surfin’ a grind

Julie  FS Air @ Tigard

More lip action at Tigard

Julie - Mute @ Battle Ground

Mute in the square bowl at Battle Ground

Julie - Volcano @ Tigard

Checking the traffic pattern at Tigard

Julie - FS Grind @ Tigard

Grinding off the hip at Tigard

Julie - FS Air Hip @ Lincoln City

Full frame of the cover

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