Rolling in Myrtle Creek

Myrtle Creek Skatepark - Myrtle Creek, OR

We finally made it to Myrtle Creek’s pipe filled skatepark during a recent trip down to Grants Pass. Grindline pulled out all the creative stops when they made this one. There is plenty of speed to be had in this park due to the pipe roll-overs but it also makes for blind spots; so keep your head up and ears open. Just off the I-5, between Roseburg and Grants Pass, Myrtle Creek is now the home of the world’s first tri-pipe skatepark. Be sure to stop when you are in the area. Check out a few photos from the session in the gallery.

Photo Gallery – Myrtle Creek, OR

5 Responses to “Rolling in Myrtle Creek”

  • Nice Shots, The Ollie over the full pipe rollin is crazy.

  • Nice shots man. Love that shot of Lance, he’s got game show host face on that one. Johnny’s ollies over that face were crazy, as was Lance’s grind.

    That’s a fun crew to watch skate. Those guys rip, and will only get better.

  • ya its definately a fun park just dont stay there too long after dark. You’ve seen deliverance and children of the corn right?

  • I thought he was olliie’n over the pipe too Tristen.

    He’s doing a tail drop if you look closer and read the caption.

    That ollie would be death from that height.


  • ctrl
    I noticed that after i posted. Still it would be insane to ollie over that rail.

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