Dave Chavez on Generation X

Dave Chavez on Randy Katen's Generation X

The rain has returned for a bit and what better way to spend a rainy afternoon than listening to Randy Katen’s Generation X live on KBGA FM Missoula. This week’s guest is skater/bassist for Sick Pleasure/Code of Honor/Verbal Abuse, Dave Chavez. It’s a good one so be sure to click on the massive button/banner below when the time is right. EPM “more than three seconds of pleasure” Out!

Photo Credit: Catechism

Featured Guest: Dave Chavez” of Sick Pleasure/Code of Honor/Verbal Abuse; Sunday, September 18 @ 5-7pm PST

Listen to Randy Katen's Generation X on KBGA/FM Missoula, Montana

3 Responses to “Dave Chavez on Generation X”

  • Looking forward to the interview……. Verbal Abuse were memorable houseguests at the Plaza in Vancouver in days of yore.

    • Dave and his brother wre truly some of the most pivotal skaters in my skate history, oh siobhan one of my best memories is when I was singning in the boneless ones, and we stayed at the plaza while on tour with fang. Maybe 86,87?

  • Ruling. Bro

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