Over Easy

Ed Benedict - Opening Day

As promised, here’s a few more pics from opening day/evening at Ed Benedict Skatepark. The kicker over the bioswale was getting sessioned hard. All the proof in the gallery below. Thanks to all the folks supporting the skatepark system here in Portland. Cheers!

Ed Benedict – Opening Day Gallery

Check out some more opening day action over at Skate and Annoy.

6 Responses to “Over Easy”

  • Funny how the fisheye makes it look like the park is empty with everyone small in the background. It was packed though. That first shot of GVK flailing in the transfer is a good one. Nice shots.

  • Woo hoo! Such a different look and feel to this park. Really nice variety.

    Question for you concrete/handy guys: How difficult/expensive would it be to add some cantilevered decks to the miniramp section without compromising the design of the area? There must be a reason that they left this seemingly obvious feature off the design/build. What if they were those brown recycled plastic decking planks instead of concrete? Might be less expensive and go better with the “green” theme? Maybe a local company like Parr Lumber could be enticed to donate materials for a little credit? Could look good and add even more functionality to the park:


  • I think the guy in the third picture in is Mike from Battle Ground.

  • the photo of the dude popping his collar over the gap is epic!

  • Yo kook going to this park at 11:30
    ps your phone sucks?

  • yo SBerg your right, thats me in the blue shirt. haha

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