Brasil Está Na Casa

Brasil Está Na Casa - Oregon Bifecta Goes International

Pardon our Portuguese but we thought it fitting since a few skaters have made the journey from Brazil to skate in this year’s Oregon Bifecta. Not only did they come to skate, they brought some mad skills as well. This skater, who’s name sounded like Murilo(any help with a name correction is appreciated), was catching some serious air in the square bowl at Pier Park. It’s always a pleasure to see such young talent and to know that the “vert” torch will continue to burn, so to speak. Check out more pics of Murilo along with a short clip about vert skating in Brazil after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Backside Air @ Pier Park

Big backside air. Taking note in the corner is Texas shredder, Ken Fillion.

Stalefish @ Pier Park

That’s one aggro stalefish

Backside Air @ Pier Park

Diving back in to the deep

Vert Skating in Brazil

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