Un Poisson Éventé

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 50 - Benji Galloway

Holy carp! That’s one sick stalefish. Yep, that’s Benji Galloway tearing-up the square bowl at Pier Park. OK, we’re out of fish references but we do have some more pics of Benji killing it after the turn.

Congratulations Benji!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Benji - FS Air @ Pier Park

Benji Galloway – Frontside Air

Benji - Alleyoop Lien @ Pier Park

Benji Galloway – Alleyoop Lien

Benji - Fakie Noseblunt @ Pier Park

Benji Galloway – Fakie to Nose blunt

Benji - Stalefish @ Pier Park

Full frame of Monday Cover

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