Paying Dues

Jack and Grover @ Battle Ground

Every skater pays some dues along the way, some more than others. It’s a part of what we do. Recently, Jack made a deposit into his newly opened account with the Bank of Skateboarding. Every little bit counts. Check out Grover and Jack as they invest in their local institution of shredding after the turn. EPM Out!

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Jack - Pushing @ Battle Ground

Jack pushing along

Grover - FS Ollie @ Battle Ground

Grover “Gelfand”

Grover - RnR Hip @ Battle Ground

Hip Rock-n-Roll

Jack - Skinned Knee @ Battle Ground

Calling Dad

Grover - Consoling Jack @ Battle Ground

Dad arrives to save the day

Jack - Knee Close-Up @ Battle Ground

Skate Ghost Jr. terrorizes the park with his bloody knee

Grover - Madonna @ Battle Ground

Grover’s got your madonna right here

Grover - FS Ollie @ Battle Ground

Another look at Grover’s ollie

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