Battle Ground is a Go!

MC - FS Air @ Battle Ground

That’s about all we need to say other than it’s fun and well worth your time. We managed to capture MC making a previous AGP post, Fortress of Solitude, a reality. It was anything but a fortress of solitude today with over 100+ skaters and bikers using the park. See Grover and Shawn after the turn….

Shawn - BS Air @ Battle Ground

Shawn taking air samples.

Grover - Cradle Back @ Battle Ground

Grover riding the back of the cradle.

10 Responses to “Battle Ground is a Go!”

  • What hell, how come I didn’t know about that?
    Was it posted somewhere that it was opening earlier???
    damn it, I’m gonna have to take a day off this week to go check it out.
    Is it fun?

  • Found out early yesterday morning from Tobin that it was a go. The locals in Battle Ground said that it had been open since Thursday. The park is fun and crowded. Time will thin the crowds though.

  • Yeah, we were getting out of the car and Shawn R. is pulling up and yells, “why didn’t you call me?” but there he was, not having called me either. Fence came down Friday I think. We went Saturday. fun but crowded and lots of bike dudes. The big bowl is good.

  • Tom Called me…

    See you on the Second…Looks like fun.

  • wow, can’t wait to get there. Maybe I’ll try to go after work this week.

  • Don’t forget it has lights and is open till 11pm so afterwork sessions are a go. Your pictures on here are amazing Rich.

  • What’s the word on Vancouver, Thor? I’m hoping that the opening of that second park 13 miles away clears out Battle Ground.

  • The lady from the city says they are going to try an have it open by the first of July if not sooner.

  • Anyone up for a shuttle up there after work this week? If so, post up here or antigravitypress and swing by Daddies @ 5:45pm. Tues/Wed look like good days…hopefully it dries up!

  • I rode it and scraped my shin, not worth riding glenhaven is better.

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