Skate Oasis

High Wall Half-Pipe @ Burnside

One of the earliest concrete skateparks built under/near a bridge/overpass was the Oasis in San Diego. It was a short lived park built during the skatepark boom of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The idea of using the space under bridges/overpasses for skatepark construction was not lost on the skater’s of Portland. Case in point, Burnside Skatepark, an oasis for the soul of skateboarding. Long live Burnside.

Dave Hupp has new video featuring some serious skating at Burnside. Word has it you can buy your copy at Shrunken Head or Cal Skates. Why wouldn’t you? More pics after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Corner @ Burnside

The words say it all

Cinder Block Wall @ Burnside

Rebuilt cinder block wall

High Wall Halfpipe @ Burnside

High wall halfpipe

Abstract Paint @ Burnside

It’ whatever you want it to be

Marek Rolling @ Burnside

Marek rolling

Corner Pocket @ Burnside

Whip it good

Martin - Flat Wall @ Burnside

Martin getting familiar

Bowl @ Burnside

Skaters bathing in the glow

High Wall Halfpipe @ Burnside

How about Chaz pipe?

Marek - BS Ollie Hip @ Burnside

Marek, already familiar

Cartoon @ Burnside

That’s all folks!

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