Baby Onions

Baby Onions at Aumsville

Our weekend mission to Lincoln City was interrupted by rain. So we opted for dryer environs at Aumsville and a session with some of the local folks. Check out Shane, Colton and MC get their shred on after the turn. It will bring a tear to your eye.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Shane - FS Air Hip @ Aumsville

Shane poaching the hip

Colton - Another 50-50 @ Aumsville

Colton finding air for this 50-50

MC - FS Air @ Aumsville

MC digs hips

Shane - FS 50 @ Aumsville

Shane styling a 5-0 through the pocket

Colton - 50-50 @ Aumsville

Colton dialing in that 50-50

MC - Lien to Tail @ Aumsville

MC liens one to tail

Shane - Another FS Air over Hip @ Aumsville

Shane fast over the hip

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