Will the Real Paranoid Park …

Paranoid Park - Satellite View

… please reveal itself? This is it folks, really. It’s a little half-block park in Portland, Oregon. Now you will have to ask MC, Tom R., and Smay about why this park is called Paranoid Park. See the Google street photos after the turn.

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Paranoid Park - Washington and Park View

View from the corner of Washington and Park

Paranoid Park - Stark and 9th

View from the corner of Stark and 9th

7 Responses to “Will the Real Paranoid Park …”

  • They should turn that thing into a street plaza. A traditional hang-out of local ne’er-do-wells.

  • Good old Paranoia park. It probably hasn’t changed much over the years.

  • Still waiting for the DVD release. Lots of varied and fond memories…..My scattered recollection: I think the name originated from either Skunk or Big Red (Orren).

    1983 was the first time I recall the name “Paranoid Park” being thrown out. The naming was directly attributable to the drug culture of the day, the darks shadows and corners of the park (definitely not a modern, surveillance friendly park), and the typical downtown lurkers. The park was a popular meeting spot due to a number of early pdx punks being employed (Galleria/John Hartungs RnR Fashions/Singles going Steady Records) and/or hangout factor in that area of downtown….

    The summer of 83 was jokingly refered to as the “Summer of Love” due to a massive deluge of cheap, extemely high grade acid up and down the west coast. Rumours abounded of Dr. Owsley’s release from jail and a return to 60’s radicalism via psychedelics. In short, it was a place to hookup, network, and fry.

    Most folks bad tripped and moved on to other drugs of choice and forms of rebellion.

    Skatewise, the park was weak but I do remember barging an old condemned spa complex in the Galleria area with several empty pools.

  • Ya, thats why I always thought it was called “Paranoid Park”, cause all the dealing and dropping of acid. Did the author get the name from this park?

  • Author Blake Nelson’s response to this post:

    “that’s the Paranoid Park I’m talking about!”

    So, yes, this is the origin of the title.

  • As I recall only the “tourists” called it “paranoid” park, when actually it was “Paranoia” park. Ha love the memories…remember getting high in the parking lot underneath the park…that was the best spot!

    So much happened there…Pioneer Square wasn’t built at the time, so it was the best place to meet up.

    Does anyone remember what bus actually stopped there?

    Love to reconnect with the ol’ downtown gang of Paranoia Park

  • Its called Paranoia Park. Its called Paranoia park because there is a small police station across the street, that looks right onto the park. There is also a night club right next to the park which attributes to its popularity. All the club kids and punks of Portland hang out in the park, and bring drugs, alcohol, etc. and people get “paranoid” because of the police station (usually nobody is in there at night though).

    Its really a very interesting place, i was actually there this past weekend haa

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