M-C Distinction Event

MC - Dino Gap @ Tigard

Not to be confused with the K-T Extinction Event, this is MC working on the dino gap at Tigard. There is so much going on with this picture that we just had to post it. We didn’t even explore the whole MC’s buttocks(moon) eclipsing the Sun thing but feel free to do so on your own. Click on the image for a larger view. EPM out!

5 Responses to “M-C Distinction Event”

  • I never understood why we call the Cretaceous/Tertiary event the K-T and not the C-T? It always bugged me. whatever….

  • well now I know, thanks dick-a-pedia! first the krauts took over the ECG machine (EKG) and now this! This photo is cool. It is rad to think that the same sky that MC is airing under is the same sky that TRex saw one day.

  • does anyone read this site?

  • Hmmm, not sure if any of the current air molecules were viewed by T-Rex in the past. Anyone know how long it takes to replenish/scrub all the air on the planet?

  • A movie called Insignificance had Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Joseph McCarthy and Joe DiMaggio meeting in a Hotel, MCCarthy obsesses to DiMaggio at the bar that as time passes – due to the normal circulation of water – the probability increases that you are drinking Adolf Hitler’s piss, by now you are almost certainly drinking some of Genghis Khan’s.

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