Gator, Dreamland and Oregon Field Guide

YTT October 23, 2006

Something old and something new. Our first YouTube Tuesday offering is a segment with Gator from the short lived television weekly on Nickelodien’s Sk8 TV. Dig the late-80s skate art in the bowl.

The second clip, Oregon Skateparks, is from last weeks OPB broadcast of Oregon Field Guide. See a more complete, higher definition version: part 1, part 2. The segment with Howard of CalSkates and the Dreamland segment are interesting. That peanut bowl in Madras is on my list of places to skate soon. Thanks go to locals, Ryan Hass, Paul Bond and Kilwag, for the OFG posts.

If you haven’t figured it out already, we have changed how we present YouTube videos. Instead of embedding the videos into the article, we are providing links to them. The main reasons for the changes are to improve page load times for the blog and hopefully improve readability.

Thanks, your ever caring EPM staff.

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  • I used to get so stoked when sk8tv came on every saturday! Theres an episode where you see MC skating some backyard ramp for a couple runs. Good stuff.

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