Big Heads Caché

Arcade Fire to Devo on Earth Patrol - YouTube Tuesday

It’s unseasonably cold in Portland and what better reason to free associate a few music videos. It’s all about “Big Heads” on this week’s YouTube Tuesday installment. It’s also an opportunity to post some rad Devo footage. Check out all the big heads after the turn. EPM “yeah x 12” Out!

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Telekinesis – Please Ask for Help

Daft Punk – Get Lucky

Teddybears – Cobrastyle

The Residents – In the Beginning & God’s Business

Arcade Fire – Uncontrollable Urge

Neil Young and Devo(Booji Boy) – Into the Black

Devo – On Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert 1979

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  • Devo / Neil Young footage, hadn’t seen that. Pretty rad. I’ve seen some other footage of those guys working together on a video project. Thi sis much better.

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