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Peek at Myrtle Creek

Myrtle Creek Skatepark

It’s done! Grindline’s latest creation in Myrtle Creek is a go. Can you say GVK Death Race 2009 or Wally and Mike E.’s Insane Park Slalom? Now head over to the Grindline site to see the larger versions of these pics and more.

Update: Larry’s photos from yesterday’s session.

Photos courtesy of the Grindline site.

For the Love of Bacon

Bacon Video Premier

Yes! It’s time, once again, for some porcine skateboarding action. Check out the latest Bacon Skateboards video at DoS this coming Friday, Dec. 5th. Get all the details after the turn. EPM pork out!

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Slaying It

Tyler Martin Slays Tigard

Living in the Northwest has its perks and no where on the planet is there such a high concentration of gnar-crete; thanks to Dreamland, Grindline, Airspeed, PTR and all the concrete DIY’ers. Taking full advantage of the great terrain is Tyler Martin. Check out Tyler taking on Tigard, Battle Ground and Grants Pass in this week’s edition of Foto-Friday.

Marginal Way Benefit

Marginal Way Benefit

The Marginal Way Skate Collective is throwing a fundraiser the weekend of December 12th, 2008. Get all the details after the turn.

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Sunday in the Park

Aaron, Jon and Sergio at Gabriel Park

It wasn’t the fourth of July but it was a great day for skating. Longview, WA locals, Aaron, Jon and Sergio made the trip down to Portland to take some air samples at Gabriel Park. Check them out in the gallery. Also, a big shout out to Planet Earth for some great cloud patterns. You rock. EPM out!

Gabriel Park Gallery

Robots, Pumps and Pearls

YouTube Tuesday November 25, 2008

How are robots, pumps and pearls related? You would be wrong if you guessed some type of Sci-Fi skin flick. If, on the other hand, you guessed three skate videos on the Earth Patrol Network, give yourself a pat on the back. Better yet, take the day off and go skate after checking out this week’s YouTube Tuesday selections. Now what the heck do you call that last move at the end of the video titled An October Weekend. You tell us. All the action after the turn.

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Not So Light Rail

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 2 - Steve Grover

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Steve Grover, samples the ever evolving skate terrain at Burnside. An impromptu rail session broke out in the flat and Grover, not to be left out, busted his own move: old-guy-on-a-rail-slide. See the full frame version after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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Bing, Bang, Bonk!

Taylor Bingaman @ Battle Ground

Bing is for Creature shredder, Taylor Bingaman. Bang is for this sick back-tail at Battle Ground prior to Trifecta weekend. Bonk is for the collision that took Taylor out of the final day of competition at Battle Ground. The good news is that he is all better now and back shredding the gnar. See the pics after the turn.

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Quantum of Skate Solace

Tom’s Weatherized Ramp

If you know the story about the cricket and the ant, then you know that Tom, the owner of this ramp, is an ant. Tom’s ramp is now weatherized and ready for the ants to skate; sorry crickets. That’s one nice ramp and weather enclosure, when’s the session? See more of Tom’s photos over at the Earth Patrol Network.

On a Mission

Jack on a Mission

Skaters are finding cover as the weather starts to degrade here in the Northwest. One of those covered places, the Department of Skateboarding, a.k.a DoS, is where little Jack Grover found himself on a recent skate mission. Check out all of the action after the turn.

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