On a Mission

Jack on a Mission

Skaters are finding cover as the weather starts to degrade here in the Northwest. One of those covered places, the Department of Skateboarding, a.k.a DoS, is where little Jack Grover found himself on a recent skate mission. Check out all of the action after the turn.

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Jack - Scoping the street area @ DoS

Hmmm, where’s a good line?

Jack - Pushing for speed @ DoS

Line spotted. Now to push for some speed.

Jack - Skating along @ DoS

Speed, glorious speed. “Bend those knees!” says Dad.

Jack - Dad ties shoe @ DoS

Time out for a shoe tie before heading to ride some round wall. Thanks Dad.

Jack - Scoping bowl @ DoS

Street section conquered. Let’s see what’s going down in the bowl.

Jack - Dropped in @ DoS

Dropping in! Err, being dropped in. Thanks again Dad.

Jack - Carving @ DoS

Catch a wave and your setting on top of the world.

Jack - Fakie @ DoS

How about a little switch action with Mr. Fakie like Dad.

Jack - Pushing up waterfall @ DoS

Stoked to skate. Can’t you tell?

Jack - A little help out from Dad @ DoS

Up and out. Thanks for the hand Dad. Let’s do it again.

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