Monthly Archive for September, 2007

Rebel in Sin City

Aaron - Crail Slide @ Pro Park

Check out Aaron Bennett, one of the Area 702 folks that just so happens to be sponsored by Portland’s own Rebel Skates. We snapped a few pics of Aaron during an evening session at Pro Park in Las Vegas. See more pics after the turn….

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Jackpot in Las Vegas

Anthony - FS Air Banner

Good people, good terrain and some serious shredding, that’s what we are finding here in Las Vegas. On this week’s Foto-Friday, check out Anthony as he travels the friendly skys over Wagon Wheel(click on photo). This bowl is fun and we were stoked to get the opportunity to ride it with the locals. See more pics of the session after the turn….

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Skatin’ in a Wiggly World

Wiggly World 1
So wiggle on the bottom
Wiggle on the top
Wiggle up the middle
And laugh a lot

Lyrics: Devo – “Wiggly World”

Yes, it’s super cool so start digging one in your own yard. See another photo after the turn and don’t forget to click on the pics for a larger view.

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First Contact

Jason - FS Channel Air @ Pro Park

We’re in Las Vegas and first contact has been made. Tim over at Area 702 skateshop called out his troops to skate their local park, Pro Park, and gave us the green light to shoot a few pics of the session. Pictured above is team rider Jason doing a nice frontside air over the channel. See more pics of Team Area 702 and their rad antics after the turn.

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Monday Cover 44 - Colin Sharp

Rising out of the darkness is this week’s Monday Cover skater, Colin Sharp. We caught Colin serving up this frontside ollie during a recent session at MC’s mini. This guy is a mini-ramp fiend along with being quick with the quips. There’s never a dull moment when Colin is in the mix.

Congratulations Colin!

Skate Las Vegas

Las Vegas - Mirage Casino Revolution Bar

Earth Patrol is in Las Vegas! Like this sign in the Mirage casino, it’s going to be a revolution, yeah, you know. Click on the pic for a larger view.

Dog Bowl?

Chris with dog on lip @ Battle Ground

Bone Man and Grover were under canine attack during a recent session in the Battle Ground clover bowl. The pooch was not down with anyone riding the bowl on his watch. See Grover get dog handled after the turn….

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Inverted Swans

Swans Banner

The Brother’s Swan, Chris “Bone Man” (left) and Matt “Matso” (right), were so stoked to skate the Battle Ground park that they dusted off some old tricks. Check out these recent rad inverts along with their appearances on the latest Grover’s Video Korner over at Skate and Annoy after the turn….

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Dino Meets BK

Bryce and T-Rex @ Tigard

Click on the pic to see Bryce easing in for a shot of the T-Rex taking form in the soon to be opened Tigard skatepark. Check out one of Bryce’s pics from this day over at Skate Daily. Believe it or not, the T-Rex isn’t the only skateable  prehistoric feature in the park.

Tubes Away

Felicity - FS Kick Pipe @ Pier Park

Check out Felicity getting her pipe fix during the Pier Park stop of the 2007 Trifecta. She is stylin’. Click on the image for a larger view.