Jackpot in Las Vegas

Anthony - FS Air Banner

Good people, good terrain and some serious shredding, that’s what we are finding here in Las Vegas. On this week’s Foto-Friday, check out Anthony as he travels the friendly skys over Wagon Wheel(click on photo). This bowl is fun and we were stoked to get the opportunity to ride it with the locals. See more pics of the session after the turn….

Remember to click on the pics for a larger view.

Tim - Mopping the Bowl @ Wagon Wheel

Tim mopping the bowl for his crew

Wheels - Carving Pocket @ Wiggle Bowl

Wheels carving the big pocket in the Wiggle bowl

Taylor - FS Disaster over Deathbox @ Wagon Wheel

Taylor throwing down a frontside disaster over the deathbox

RJ - Fakie to Tail @ Wagon Wheel

RJ dialing in his fakie to tail

Rhettry - FS Air over Deathbox @ Wagon Wheel

Rhettry was stoked to land this frontside air over the deathbox

Kenny - FS Air @ Wagon Wheel

Kenny blasting a big frontside air

John - BS Smith over Deathbox @ Wagon Wheel

John with a backside smith over the deathbox

Jim - FS Air @ Wagon Wheel

Frontside air vintage style

Jason - BS Air @ Wagon Wheel

Jason rockin’ backside air in the deep

Eric - FS Grind @ Wiggle Bowl

Eric grinds the deep in what we call the Wiggle bowl

Dave - FS Grind @ Wiggle Bowl

Dave snapping back off the coping in the Wiggle bowl shallows

Alex - BS Grind @ Wagon Wheel

Alex getting herself a backside grind on the face wall of the bowl

Alex - BS Air @ Wagon Wheel

Alex working on his backside air

7 Responses to “Jackpot in Las Vegas”

  • Dang! Wish I was there. Great frontside D over the deathbox.

  • Were there slot-machines bowl-side?

  • Me Boner?

  • MC – No slots by the bowl but there were some craps. 🙂

  • thanks Rich for those gnarly photos

  • There is an empty pool at the White Sands across the strip from the Luxor and right next to the Tropicana. The White Sands is an old single level strip motel and the pool has some dried leaves in the bottom. If you are a Vegas local you need to go hit that pool up if you haven’t already. I have pics…

  • Rich and crew, I’ve been losing sleep about the above comment and I know loose lips sink ships, however, this pool is right on the strip and I don’t feel that I am blowing this spot out because the hotel is still open for business (although there was only one car on the lot all week). Look at our beloved Thrasher magazine’s Vegas Cessna Tour article from the August ’07 issue for more Vegas pool action. No more blow out I promise, I learned my lesson.

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