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Birthday Session for Jack

Jack's Birthday Session @ Newberg

Little Jack Grover celebrated his 7th birthday last weekend with a birthday skate session at Newberg. The weather was perfect and the “adults” enjoyed themselves as well. Check out a few snaps after the turn on this week’s foto-friday. EPM “Happy Birthday Jack” Out!

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Session at Jack’s Ramp

Jack's Ramp on Earth Patrol

Yabba dabba doo, there was a session on Jack’s ramp and now we have some pictures for you. On this week’s Foto-Friday, check out a few pics from the first “major” session on Jack Grover’s recently finished mini-ramp. EPM “soccer hooligan” Out!

Gallery: Session at Jack’s Ramp

Callin’ on Colin Meets Grover

Colin and Grover Skating Jack's Ramp

Not since Ali vs. Frazier has there been such a media spectacle. What is it you ask? Why it’s the verbal boxing match of sorts between Colin “Bacon” Sharp and Steve “GVK” Grover. Check out the blow-by-blow action today at 2 p.m. PST on PDX.FM’s radio show Callin’ On Colin. If for some reason, you’re out enjoying the spectacular weather rocking the Northwest and miss the broadcast, no worries, you can catch the show at your leisure after the turn. EPM “Radio Free Portland” Out!

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Jack About the Bowl

Jack Grover @ MC's Bowl

Surprisingly the weather here in the Northwest has been tolerable with respect to precipitation. Having access to a spot like MC’s hide-away doesn’t hurt either. Youngest member of the in-search-of-dry-crete crew, Jack Grover, takes full advantage of these opportunities to shred. It’s all about having fun. Check out a few more shots of Jack doing his thing after the turn.

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Inspector Jack

Inspector Jack @ MC’s Bowl

MC is building a backyard bowl and little Jack Grover has been doing his part as bowl quality control inspector. That top plate is finger board ready. Check out a few pics of Jack’s bowl adventures after the turn.

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Son of Grover

Jack at Beaverton

We took a little trip out to Beaverton to check on the progress of the new bowl and street area being built by Grindline. While we were there, Jack, son of Grover, decided he wanted to skate the existing wood terrain. Check out Jack getting his shred on after the turn.

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The Tumbleweed Kid

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 46 - Jack Grover

Think Eric Dressen, now fast-forward 30 some-odd-years and check out this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jack Grover. Little dude kills it! Skate everything and chances are you’re going to have some fun along the way. Check out Jack shredding it up during this year’s Tumbleweed tour after the turn.

Congratulations Jack!

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Not So Baby New Year

Monday Cover Vol. 5 Issue 8 - Jack Grover

Out with the old and in with the new. Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jack Grover, shows Father GVK how to float a hip. Nothing says your having fun like a big ol’ grin minus two front teeth. Rip it up little man and maybe someday you can buy your father a proper baby new year diaper.

Congratulations Jack!

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Hips on Lock

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 33 - Jack Grover

What a difference a year makes. Case in point, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jack Grover and his mad hip skills. At about this time last year, this little man was learning to drop-in. Now, it’s all about the hips and flowing around the terrain. Check out more pics of Jack’s hip attack after the turn.

Congratulations Jack!

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Tad-pool or Pooli-wog?

Jack's Pool Tour Foto-Friday on Earth Patrol

Little Jack Grover is developing a penchant for backyard pools. Here are a few of his conquests that are now on the defunct pool list. Check out all the pool drooling action in the gallery.

Gallery: Jack’s Pool Tour