A Skatepark In Every Port

Sailing in Port Townsend, Washington

Not only is boating popular on the Olympic Peninsula, it’s home to a few sweet skateparks. Check out a few pics from our stop at Dreamland’s Port Townsend creation after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Makena - FS Air @ Port Townsend

Makena showing some P.T. style

Makena - FS Air @ Port Townsend

Another look at Makena and his tweaked frontside air

Agent Orange Youth @ Port Townsend

Agent Orange youth about the park

Bowl Hip @ Port Townsend

Bowl hip

Cement to Hip to Steel @ Port Townsend

Cement to hip to steel

Makena - FS Air @ Port Townsend

One last shot of Makena flappin’ some air

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