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Ed Benedict: Eco-Trek Approved

Ed Benedict: Eco-Trek Approved on Earth Patrol

Recently, the folks from Eco-Trek, as part of their World Drive, made Portland one of their destination points. Check out their latest episode that includes segments on Hopworks Urban Brewery, Metrofiets Cargo Bikes and Ed Benedict Skatepark. What is Eco-Trek? All is revealed after the turn. EPM “beer, bike, skate” Out!

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Levitating Stone of Benedict

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 16 - Billy Coulon

It seems Shivapur has nothing on the Levitating Stone of Benedict. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Billy Coulon, channels the energy of the stone as he floats across the face wall. Let the legend of the Levitating Stone of Benedict begin. Word has it that those who fail to levitate receive the Stigmata of Benedict. Check out more pics of Billy after the turn.

Congratulations Billy!

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Eggs Benedict

Ed Benedict - Tread Lightly

The next skatepark slated for opening in Portland is located in Ed Benedict Park. It’s a massive plaza style offering and it looks fun as heck. Based on the progress and some other feedback, our guess it will open in the November timeframe. Check out some pics in the gallery below and then hop on over to SnA to see even more photos. Enjoy!

Ed Benedict Construction

Not Like the Others

Portland Skateparks on Earth Patrol - Courtesy of HooperFly

One of these parks is not like the others. One of these parks is just not the same. Can you guess which one it is? Answer after the turn (hint: look for a skatepark.)

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Mat Diving Skaters in White

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 9

Babaloo and how do you do, it’s time for another installment from that zany Sorcery 118 skate crew. Up for your review, some Bremerton based street action along with some clothing coordinated skating at Ed Benedict. Doing Mr. Clean proud, check out this week’s installment of Sorcery Saturday after the turn.

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Skate Recon

Skate Recon around Portland on Earth Patrol

Technology is your friend when it comes to finding skate terrain. The recently improved Google Maps satellite imagery is amazing to say the least and we used it to pick out some of the local skate spots around Portland. Combine this technology with a real estate search engine like Zillo and you have the perfect tools for finding those elusive backyard skate havens. Check out our aerial survey after the turn that includes the first five of the proposed nineteen Portland skate parks along with a few bonus spots. EPM “Orwellian Skatetopia” Out!

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Crown Jewels

Portland Skate Park Crown Jewel - Pier Park

Forget the busiest shopping day of the year, it seemed folks decided to head to the skate parks instead. The parks were packed with all sorts of round wheel enthusiasts the day after Thanksgiving. How do we know? Well we went to all five of the, soon-to-be nineteen, Portland skate parks.

With MC at the wheel, and yours truly in the navigator seat, we managed to skate Glenhaven, Ed Benedict, Gabriel Park, Holly Farm and Pier Park. Total elapsed time, approximately four hours plus an hour-or-so for post session brews. Check out a larger version of the image above along with some 3D cross-eyed stereo pairs of Pier Park, our last and favorite stop on the mini-tour.

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Treading Well

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 35 - Chip Treadwell

The words “tread lightly” are stamped in the concrete at Ed Benedict. This week’s Monday Cover skater not only treads lightly but he treads well. Who is it? Why it’s none other than BK’s doppelganger, Chip Treadwell. In addition to shredding the gnar with moves like this ollie-180 over a rock gap, Chip has impeccable taste in t-shirts. Check out more pics of Chip killing it after the turn.

Congratulations Chip!

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Weekend Hob Knobs

Ed Benedict Grand Opening and Skate Life NW Trade Show

Looking for some socializing and skateboarding? Well, as luck would have it, there are two big skate-socials going down this weekend. First up on Saturday is the grand opening of Ed Benedict followed on Sunday with the first ever Skate Life NW trade show. All the details after the turn. EPM “plazas and skate products are a go.”

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Original Trickster

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 18 - Paul Fujita

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Paul Fujita, takes full advantage of good weather during his day off. The bioswale gap at Ed Benedict was no match for the original trickster and his lofty ollies. Check out more pics of Paul going full-Fujita on the park after the turn.

Congratulations Paul!

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