Sleeveless T-Shirt Required

Alternative TV, 999, The Clash, Generation X on Earth Patrol

We are two weeks into fall here in Portland, and the skate conditions are perfect. Great weather calls for some great tunes and we have ’em right here on this week’s YouTube Tuesday a day late. So rip the sleeves off that t-shirt, grab your skate and tune in for some Alternative TV, 999, Clash and Generation X after the turn. EPM “action time vision” Out!.

Generation X – Wild Youth

Generation X – Ready Steady Go

The Clash – London’s Burning

The Clash – Police on My Back

The Clash – Police and Thieves

The Clash – What’s My Name / Garageland

Alternative TV – Action Time Vision

999 – Fun Thing

999 – Me and My Desire

999 – Let’s Face It

999 – Boiler

2 Responses to “Sleeveless T-Shirt Required”

  • 31 years on and still the only band that matters

  • well… “it” really WAS a magical sort of time period. “New” sounds and outlooks, some from right here in Amerika… others from across the sea. We learned/heard that music could be “ferocious”… and YOUR look could match. Seems “trite” now… but back then- you really were on your own if this music/look was of interest to you. All of these bands (and some new ones) are in heavy rotation in my world… I’d suggest that you do the same. Funny- but you REALLY had to search this stuff out back in the day… “Singles going Steady” on 4th (?) like the size of your bathroom but it (and Thor?) were ground zero for this kind of action.

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