Skate, Video and a Demo

Team Exit Real World

Team EXIT Real World will be premiering their latest video as well as skating this Saturday at Windells. Head on up and check it out. Word is there’s a lavish prize give-away and you get to skate to boot. All the details on the flier after the turn.

EXIT Real World Video Premier and Demo @ Windells Flier

EXIT Real World Video and Demo at Windells: Saturday, January 17 @ 1pm

5 Responses to “Skate, Video and a Demo”

  • Nice to see they reached out to local companies like tech deck?

  • Oh yeah noting like throwing a party you have to pay to goto. See ya there?

  • Will there be free Tech Decks?

  • Dear GVK – The movie and demo are probably free. The skating will cost you though. Would have been cool if EXIT Real World would have rented the facility and anyone who made the trip could skate for free. Now that’s a stoke.

  • So now you are telling me I have to pay ten dollars to skate a crowded park and watch a movie, shine off pedro. So I understand correctly I can watch the movie for free and give George Busch money for gas and put wear and tear on my vehicle and and and.

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