Hungry Like a Wolf?

MC Wolf Suit @ Pier Park

What more could you ask for? A grown man in a children’s book inspired wolf suit shredding deep ‘crete? Well that’s exactly what you are getting. Check out MC as he takes his distinctive wolf suit for a spin at Pier Park after the turn….

Click on the pics for a larger view.

Shawn and Mark - Adjusting Wolf Suit @ Pier Park

Shawn adjusting MC’s wolf suit. (see MC’s comic about this session)

MC - Boned FS Air Mouse Hole @ Pier Park

A different kind of boned air over the mouse hole. Note MC’s tail.

MC - FS Air Mouse Hole @ Pier Park

Wolf small, pipe big!

MC - Andrecht @ Pier Park

We are guessing that this is the first ever Andrecht in a wolf suit. We could be wrong.

MC - Andrecht Bushy Tail @ Pier Park

Another Andrecht on re-entry with tail in full bloom.

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