River City Skatepark – Seattle, Washington

River City Skatepark - Seattle, Washington

Get stoked! Grindline has completed work on another skatepark in Seattle and it looks like a fun one; aren’t they all. Located in the South Park neighborhood, the River City Skatepark is grind ready. Check out a few more pics after the turn. EPM “shred it up” Out!

Gallery: River City Skatepark – Seattle, Washington

Be sure to check out more photos over on the River City Skatepark website.

18 Responses to “River City Skatepark – Seattle, Washington”

  • Such a fun little park. I have a good time there pretty often.

    • Looks fun as hell, but how about blind spots and collisions? Must be exciting if it’s crowded, eh? Bikes allowed? I hope not…

      • There are no rules posted that I have seen so I don’t know about bikes or not. I’ve been there when a little kid rolls around in circles on his bike.

        As far as collisions go the sight lines are pretty good and you have the opportunity to choose a direction to go at every intersection. It can get pretty hectic but still fun.

        Also there are possibilities for more park as the outside of the thing has transition on it too. I think it was a money issue that it looks a little incomplete. I think there is potential there to do more later.

  • I’m really diggin this design, I really like the islands! That’s sort of an idea I had for a park design that Conahan has posted on the S.P.S. website.

  • I have never been so bummed to show up at a wet park.

  • Gnarles Copinghagen

    That place looks great! HIGH SPEED!

  • Nice! When did you go there? You’ve been holding out on us!

  • You can haul ass in that thing. Bring a broom and watch out for the bowl trolls.

  • Super rad looking and probably fun to ride whether or not you can do tricks! Somewhat repetitive design though. Each quarter coulda had a unique feature IMHO.

  • The only thing that bugs me is the symmetry of it. Seems like it’d be cooler to add variety on the outsides at least. Maybe one door way with steel coping, one with pool, one with over-vert, or something similar.

    Other than that, it looks like a hoot!

  • So this sounds like it’s not new then?

  • …love it or hate it, but it’s a really fun park that rides
    differently than anything out there…groundbreaking, imo…and Grindline
    built it for next to nothing and the Hubbard design incorporates ancient freemason geometry!…now if they just plant four giant sequoias in
    those planter boxes.

    • I agree that it is unique and therefore always a good time because there’s nothing else like it around anywhere.

    • Interesting. Perhaps an Earth Patrol Media EXCLUSIVE would give us the full story on the more esoteric side of this thing. A skatepark with subtext! Aren’t the Masons O.G. skull and bones?

  • the neighbors are either stoked or pissed – looks like it is in someone’s backyard. I like how it is above ground and didn’t use any dirt in the construction. Just fill it up with concrete.

  • Lets get a Washington shaped bowl!

  • It is a major disappointment to those of us in the neighborhood who were so excited to get a skatepark. It is way too tight for non experts. Not fun or funny.
    Thanks grindline for ignoring the approved plan for your own selfish desires. I overheard how you were all thrilled to ‘pull the wool’ over the eyes of those who funded the park.

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