Border Wars NSA 1985

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate - Vancouver B.C. 1985

This week on Yuri’s 80’s Re-Vert Fantasy Skate, we head North of the border to Vancouver B.C. circa 1985 for the NSA Border Wars. So feather your hair back, put on your 80’s shades and get ready for some shredding from the land of Skull Skates. Check out all the action after the turn.

Part 1 – Pro Jam

Part 2 – Pro Jam

Part 3 – Pro Jam

Part 4 – Pro Jam

Pro Results

  1. Christian Hosoi
  2. Lester Kasai
  3. Tony Magnusson
  4. Alan Losi
  5. Neil Blender

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate

Now that you’ve seen it, how would you rank your top 5 along with your pick for best trick? Yuri wants to know.

2 Responses to “Border Wars NSA 1985”

  • I’ll have to watch to see if I’m in that video anywhere. I drove from seattle up to that thing with 5 people crammed into my dad’s car and slept in the car and in the bowl of the North Vancouver Snake run. It was a great time!

    My best memory of that weekend was watching Chris Miller destroy the snake run after the contest. Remember the bloody knee photo? I was behind the photographer for that one.

    First time I ever got to see pros skate right in front of me. Good Times!

  • Ya! Steadham’s backside foot plants, Hosoi’s indy airs,and Blender’s style. Good stuff! How about making skinny vert ramps again, so these vert guys today can’t spin 540’s ,720’s, and so on till they blow chunks from dizziness!

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