We Jam Econo

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Throw us some bones so we can eat. We’re heading out on the road with skate legends: Tom Inouye, Chris Strople, Bryce Kanights and Mark Conahan into the depths of Montana. We want to bring you all the action but we need your help. This is in real-time folks, we are leaving at noon today, Thursday, September 10th and returning on Sunday, September 14th. So if you can spare a few bones to helps us out, we’ll return the favor with some straight-up Earth Patrol coverage that you are going to dig. Help us out by pressing the green “Support EPM” button. Thanks and stay tuned, your Editor in Chief – Rich.

15 Responses to “We Jam Econo”

  • Sounds like fun. Homemade bean and cheese burritos are good eatins’.

  • Hey you guys make sure you stop through richland, wa on the way!

  • grow weed, sell weed to little kids @ skateparks, then buy gas and beer.

  • I just donated $5. That’s a dollar each, I suggest spending it wisely on the Dollar Menu at Wendy’s or Taco Bell. You’re drinking water too.

  • Wow, you weren’t kidding on the econo thing, huh Rich? The donation request is a twist that I didn’t see coming, though. I’m also donating $5, which should barely cover some water. Hopefully this’ll also buy me some contacts in Missoula to skate with when I’m over there in two weeks…

  • in Missoula buy burritos at Taco del Sol. Cheap and filling!

  • I now have given $5 as well. If you ask for a small cup and tell them you are going to put water in it you can really put soda in there. I will also forgive $2 of debt that Rich owes Coldwar and round his Debt to $20 which makes me highest the contributor at $7. This should buy me a brick with my name on it at some memorial. I am Immortal…

  • It’s very kind of everyone to pitch in to help a friend in need. Me, I was swayed by the sad dog photo. Although times are tough for everyone, it would be great if others can give a small amount. EPM has contributed to the visibility of the local skateboarding scene so it’s sort of like a good cause, right? Good job leads would also be appreciated. (The suggestion of selling weed doesn’t count, sorry.)

  • I use I contribute have a great time contacts are always cool

  • Here’s an update. We have arrived in Spokane to meet Chris Strople and Rockin’ Ron who flew in from Los Angeles. Tomorrow’s plan is to skate and make our way to Missoula, MT. Thanks everyone so far for the support, every little bit helps. The Earth Patrol Facebook page is a great way to keep track of our daily activities as well. Now I’m going to upload some pics from today’s stops in Pendleton and Walla Walla. See you folks tomorrow.

  • I’m jealous, If you’d have invited me we could have stayed at my parents place in Missoula…

  • Deb I bet Gunderson would give Rich a job.

  • I am so broke with building my bowl….But I still donated $24.94 it should buy a little more than some water. Don’t spend it all in one place it’s all I can give. Have fun

  • Take me along and I’ll cook over a camp stove.

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