Santa Gets Some

Santa at MC's Bowl

So how does Santa prep for his around-the-world-in-a-night mission? Well, it seems ol’ St. Nick likes to shred it up to get the juices flowing. Who knew? This year he stopped by MC’s bowl for a few licks at the coping before heading on his way. Check out Santa killing it with a few of his helpers after the turn. Ho, ho, ho, ho.

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Santa - FS Tuck Knee @ MC's Bowl

Santa with a little frontside tuck knee action

Bryce - BS Carve Grind @ MC's Bowl

BK’s double trucker startles the reindeer just out of frame

Santa - FS Beardo Obscura @ MC's Bowl

Santa ups the ante with a frontside beardo obscura

MC - FS Air to Slob @ MC's Bowl

MC with a holly jolly frontside air to slob

Santa - Bail @ MC's Bowl

Santa had to bail ….

Santa with Skate @ MC's Bowl

… but he stopped for one last pic with his skate before heading on his way.

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