The Great Rock-n-Roll Windells

Great Rock-n-Roll Windells - Steve Grover

The time is right for doin’ it, a great rock-n-roll at Windells. Grover took the opportunity to do just that on one of the newly poured features at the ever expanding Windells Camp skate complex. Billy, Jamie, Pete and the crew are busy creating even more fun flowing terrain before the weather turns. Check out a few more pics of yesterday’s midday adventure up at the mountain after the turn. EPM “never mind the bollocks” Out!

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Billy - Digging in the dirt @ Windells

Billy moving earth for a soon-to-be formed step feature

Concrete Tools @ Windells

Pallet of concrete working supplies

Newer Terrain Development @ Windells

View to current section under development

Grover - RnR @ Windells

Grover rocks the recently poured nipple hip

Terrain View 1 @ Windells

Terrain view 1

Terrain View 2 @ Windells

Terrain view 2

Jack - Banana Break @ Windells

Jack taking a banana break

Grover - Curb Over @ Windells

Grover getting in a little curb play

Jack - Walk Out @ Windells

Skate satiated Jack heading to the van. Windells GroJak approved.

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