Going to a Rock Show

Naked Raygun - Portland, OR

Whether you’re a fan of Naked Raygun or middle-aged men in polyester jumpsuits, we’ve got you covered on both counts. On this Foto-Friday, we take you to a Naked Raygun show at Dante’s as well as give you a glimpse of middle-aged men getting on their punk rock pre-funk. See more of the best unibrow on the planet after the turn….

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Grover - Ghetto Mechanic Prep

Grover getting into his best ghetto mechanic garb for the show

Grover - Ghetto Mechanic Strut

A little ghetto mechanic strut

Pre-Show Prep

Pre-show liquid primer for the gang

Grover - Ticket to Naked Raygun

Ghetto mechanic revels in his ticket ownership

Naked Raygun - Bill’s Guitar

Bill’s guitar waiting patiently for the strumming to start

Jeff Pezzati - Grasping Microphone

Jeff grasping his mic

Bill Stephens - Strumming Guitar

Bill strumming away

Pierre Kezdy - Laying Down a Bass Line

Pierre laying down a bass line

Eric Spicer - Punching Out Solid Beats

Eric punching out solid beats

Jeff Pezzati - Reaching out to Crowd

Mr. Pezzati getting the crowd involved

Jeff Pezzati - Unleashing

Jeff unleashes

Jeff Pezzati - Punk Rock Singer with Stand Mode

Jeff in full-on punk rock singer with stand mode

Jeff reeling-in the audience

Jeff Pezzati - Drink of Water

Leather jacket ejected, Jeff grabs some water while Eric gives the lead-in

Jeff Pezzati and Pierre Kezdy - On Stage at Dante’s

Jeff and Pierre ready to go again

Bill Stephens - Picture on Guitar

Who’s picture is that on Bill’s guitar?

Jeff Pezzati - Singing on Stage

Jeff bringing it back up

Jeff Pezzati - Standing over Crowd

An engaged crowd beckons Jeff

Jeff Pezzati - Kneeling

Jeff drawing nearer to the crowd

Giving up the mic to the audience once again

Jeff walking with his guitar

Jeff Pezzati - Wailing with his Guitar

Another Raygun song in full-swing, Jeff wailing

Naked Raygun - Beer Carnage on Stage at Dante’s

Beer carnage collecting at the corner of the stage

Eric Spicer and Randy Chumming It Up Backstage

Randy and Eric chumming it up backstage

Naked Raygun Set List - Dante’s Portland Oregon

Naked Raygun set list for their Dante’s Show

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